JDownloader 2 beta

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JDownloader 2 beta

JDownloader 2 beta

JDownloader 2 is the new version of JDownloader, the best download manager ever made (so far).

For the time being, JDownloader 2 is still in beta, so it’s not as stable as the original development of JDownloader (version 0.9) and the release of the gold master version is not scheduled yet.

However, this software includes new features and a completely revamped, much more modern interface which takes the whole user experience to the next level.

These are reasons enough to turn JDownloader 2 into an interesting alternative to JDownloader, especially among hardcore users.

What’s new in JDownloader 2

Besides the changes made to its interface, other highlights of JDownloader 2 have to do with a more extensive list of servers and websites supported, as well as the all-new advanced search filters. Better integration with the most popular web browsers nowadays is what reinforces the compatibility and usability of this essential tool.

Thanks to the new filters and rules included in JDownloader 2, now we can automatically define what kind of links will be added to our download list after copying an URL (i.e., filter by file type, by size or even just add those who include some keywords in its file name).

JDownloader 2 also stands out for a much more simply and regrouped settings menu, including its own section for reconnecting JDownloader to the Internet (one of the most stunning features of this beta).

As if all these features were not enough, now we can download entire albums from Facebook or Flickr by just logging in to our user account, so the compatibility of JDownloader with social networks is greatly enhanced.

The first public beta of JDownloader 2 was published in mid-2012, and since then it has been updated several times, heading little by little for the final release. If you want to try something different to JDownloader (but still a versatile and trustable software), don’t hesitate and install JDownloader 2 beta for free right now by clicking the button bellow.