Automatic Reconnect feature in JDownloader

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Automatic Reconnect feature in JDownloader

Auto-reconnect feature in JDownloader is a useful tool to prevent one the most common problems when downloading files: the Internet connection breaks down and the progress of our all download tasks gets lost.

When this function is activated, whenever our router fails or the computer suddenly freezes, JDownloader will automatically be able to resume every previously active download, negating the need for us to do it manually one by one.

Easier than ever: using the reconnect button

Fortunately, the latest versions of JDownloader include a reconnect button in its main interface (specifically, in the upper right of the toolbar), so now there is no need to perform this tedious process by hand and it’s quite easy to optimize this program tool.

However, if you’re using any of the older versions of JDownloader, then you’ll have to follow these steps in order to activate the automatic reconnect feature (or simply update the program). Before, you need to figure out which router you are using, because the program will ask for that information later in order to solve these kind of problems.

Go to JDownloader settings and look for a section called Reconnect and Router. Once you are there, click on Select router, select yours and then copy the data displayed below and paste it in the indicated field.

Finally, you will also need to enter the username and password you use to get access to the router, as well as your IP address. If you want to know it instantly, just open the search box of the Windows Start Menu, type “cmd” and then “ipconfig” in the next window.

Now simply restart JDownloader and everything will be ok, with the auto-reconnect feature already on. It’s always best to download the last version of JDownloader from this website, because this function is already activated by default.