Select URLs and download links with JDownloader

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Select URLs and download links with JDownloader

When you navigate the Internet looking for the contents you want, it is usual to find movies, games and files that are fragmented in a great number of download links that you have to download to the PC. This titanic task of selecting and copying the links one by one can be annoying and you can even desists your original goal.

JDownloader offers two simple ways of making this process more agile and of avoiding this dull task.

To use the first option, you have to activate the utility “linkgrabber” in JDownloader. Once this tool is on, you have to select the links and press control+C (or right click and select the option "copy"), so they will be saved directly in the download window of the application.

The second alternative is even faster. Once you have found the site or post where the download links are, you have to select the URL on the address bar of your browser and copy it. In JDownloader select the option add, where the URL will be pasted. The program will automatically recognize the links and add them to the downloads list.

JDownloader allows you to be just a couple of clicks away from the files you want, without making your fingers numb for copying and pasting all the links.