User's manual - JDownloader

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After downloading JDownloader, installing the program and opening it for the first time, a window will show asking for your permission to allow the connection of the Java Platform to the Internet. Click on “Allow access” (1) to continue, because if not, JDownloader won’t be able to work properly.

JDownloader user's guide

Then, it’s time to choose the language that JDownloader will use (1), as well as the folder where the downloaded files will be stored (2). Click on “OK” (3) to go on.

JDownloaders user's manual

Depending on the version of JDownloader you have downloaded; there is a chance that there are pending updates. In such case, you will receive a notification urging you to update JDownloader.

JDownloader update available

Once the software is upgraded, you will be able to view the main interface of JDownloader, where you will find the following features:

JDownloader user's guide

  1. The menu bar is the sector where you will be able to explore all the features that JDownloader offers, including online support.
  2. In the toolbar, you will have the possibility to execute several shortcuts with the most used features of the application.
  3. The “Downloads” tab is the section where your can view the list of files being downloaded.
  4. The “Link grabber” tab is in charge of extracting the download links available after copying an URL.
  5. Finally, the “Settings” tab allows us to customize the behavior of the program.

If you need further help with JDownloader, don’t hesitate to have a look at the rest of our tutorials.